SBP raises policy rate by 50 bps to 14 percent

Saqib: Hey Irfan How are You? Bro have you read the latest news about raise in SBP Policy Rate?

Irfan: Yeah you know its my habit to read Business news every morning.

Saqib: Oh that is really nice, every business student should have this habit. OK bro I have just read the headline, “What is the Complete story Behind it?”

Irfan: State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has decided to raise its policy rate by 50 basis points to 14 percent with effect from Tuesday (Nov 30, 2010).
This Decision was taken in Lahore by the Board of Directors of  SBP  under the supervision of Governer SBP “Shahid H. Kardar.”

Saqib: OK. I see. Irfan would you like to tell me the reason behind this increment.

Irfan: Actually this happened mainly of two reasons, one is the increased money supply and the other is increased inflation.

Inflation Burst Economy.......

Saqib: hmmm. would you please explains these two reasons?

Irfan: yes sure. Government expenditures increased during flood, deficit increased, as a result of which government borrowings increased. The increased government borrowings up-fronted the money supply and the SBP increased the rate which is a step in tightening the monetary policy.

Saqib: And what is the reason of increased inflation?

Irfan: Increases in electricity and domestic petroleum prices and the impact of the catastrophic floods on food prices did play their part in providing impetus to CPI inflation.

vegetable balloons flying off - poor family

Saqib: What can be the impacts of this raise in policy rate?

Irfan: Interest rate is the main factor while analyzing any economy. This increased rate would increase the cost of borrowing/investing, the investments in the economy will decline, whole private sector would go down. Financial sector will be adversely affected. In return the whole economy will be in trouble.

Cost of Money Increases......... Leads to low Investement

Saqib: oh… That would be a huge negative impact on the economy. I think the Government borrowings should be controlled. For this, Government should focus on tax revenues. Focus on fiscal policy should be more than the monetary policy.

Most of the Govt Revenue should Collect from Direct Tax.

Irfan: Hmmm….. Nice opinion Saqib.

Saqib: Its class time and I have to go now, will continue this discussion later.

Irfan : Fine. But last thing. Have you any idea about the policy rates of different countries?

Saqib: No. Please share some link.

Irfan: See This You will clearly see where we are standing.

Saqib: Ok. I will. Have a nice day, Meet you again soon.

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Report Prepared By:

Irfan Khan (MBA 4th) and Saqib Nawaz (MBA 4th)


Mobilink Student Development Workshop

Career Development Workshop Conducted By Mobilink in QASMS.

Another high point was achieved by QASMS (Quaid-e-Azam School of Management Sciences) on the 25th of November 2010, when “Mobilink Student Development Workshop” was concluded at the campus. Two gentlemen from Mobilink, Mr. Suleman Ansar Khan, Manager HR OD, and Mr. Hamza Amjad, Associate Staffing and Compensation, came to carry out a 5 hour workshop. Another very special gentleman joined them all the way from London, Mr. Taher Khan. He is the CEO of Pit Stop International, and a professional trainer, with Mobilink as one of its clients.

Mr Suleman Explains the Difference between CV and Resume

Together, the three of them gave such wonderful tips and guidelines on:

  • How to write the perfect C.V
  • How to ace an interview
  • How to start planning for your future
  • How to look for appropriate jobs and how seriously we need to start thinking about our career and jobs.

Not only these, but also, it was a discussion about taking a course of action about our future. The guests shared many personal examples and experiences to motivate and encourage the students to choose what they think are the best choice for them.

Mr. Taher Khan sharing his personal Experience with Students

The session was started by Mr. Suleman, who started by making us think whether we made the right choice for our career or not, whether we are passionate about it or not. Then, Mr. Hamza took over and briefed us about starting our career, how to take the first step toward it. After him, came Mr. Taher, who very specifically told us about interviews and how we can make sure we give our best shot at it.


Students are listening Very Carefully...

Throughout the session, time and again, we were reminded about the importance of internships and how to grasp every small opportunity that comes our way. It may seem tiny and extraneous at that point in time, but the amount of importance it hold for our future is tremendous, which we won’t understand at that point in time.


Mr. Taher is saying "Experience is much more Important than Money for recent Graduates."

The three professionals shared the discussion, topped with a good dosage of humor and participation from the audience.  The students were very enthusiastic and zealot throughout the session and ardently responded to the questions asked.

Mr. Adnan Shafaqat (Mobilink HR Team) , Dr. Basit B Tayyab( Faculty Member QASMS), Mr. Asif Naqvi( Faculty Member QASMS) and Rabia Basri (Faculty Member QASMS) attending the Workshop.

At the end of the workshop, feedback forms were distributed to the students.

Students are taking Notes during Workshop

Dr. Basit B.Tayyab giving Shield to Mr. Taher Khan

QASMS also presented the speakers with customized shields as token of appreciation and remembrance.

We thank the Mobilink team once again for conducting another successful workshop at QASMS.

Thank You Mobilink Team..........

Event Organized and Published By:

Saqib Nawaz ( MBA4th) & Fakeha Rashid ( MPA 4th)

Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking

Traditions are kept alive and carried forward through implementation, and this has been proved collectively by the students, faculty and alumni of Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences time and again. This time it was proved on the  November 05, 2010, by starting the seminar series for the current semester.
The series was initiated by the Managing Director of Bank of America Myrill Lynch, UK. Mr. Shakil Haider was visiting Pakistan for a week and honored us by choosing QASMS as the Institute to conduct a  seminar on “Corporate Banking”.

Mr. Haider in QASMS
Mr Shakeel Haider is elaborating Types of Corporate loans on Board.

The seminar started at 11 am sharp and was wrapped up very timely by Mr. Haider by 12:30 p.m, followed by a question answer session. The students were very enthusiastic to gain knowledge from Mr. Haider’s experise.
It was a very informative tutorial about how things are done in the banking world and how you can get your work done intelligently and wisely. Mr. Haider shared some personal experiences with the students to give them an idea about how the processes take place in the global market. He also showed great interest in helping students with any advice regarding their future and careers.
The students asked questions keeping in mind how to get jobs in banking sector and received complete and extensive answers from the respected speaker.

Students are taking Notes During Seminar

The seminar was concluded at 1 p.m. and Mr. Haider was presented with a shield on behalf of QASMS along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and custom made QASMS mug.

Saqib Nawaz is presenting QASMS Traditional Mug To Mr Shakeel Haider on Students Behalf

Quaid-i-Azam School of Management Sciences is thankful to Mr. Shakil Haider for honoring us with his presence and sharing his knowledge and expertise with our students. We look forward to more such interactions.

Mr. Haider giving satisfactory answer to MBA 3rd Student’s question
A Snapshot of ” Learning Process”.
Dr. GSK Niazi (Director, QASMS) is giving shield and bouqet of flowers to Mr. Haider

Event Covered By:

Fakeha Rashid (MPA 4th) & Saqib Nawaz (MBA 4th)